BEn Somaliland Marathon 2019

Ben – UK 2019

Visited Somaliland to compete in the Somaliland Marathon 2019

I really enjoy running and travelling so try to combine the two whenever I can. When I saw that Untamed Borders were involved in a marathon in Somaliland I thought it would be a great opportunity to run in a place that has interested me for a long time.

I spent five days in Somaliland and every day was full of unique experiences highlighting many different aspects of Somali culture. James and Mohammed were amazing guides and made me feel really comfortable the entire time we were there.

The run was a blast and the atmosphere rivalled some of the larger runs I have done in the UK. The logistics of organising a running event in a country that essentially does not exist must have huge logistical challenges but the marathon was extremely well organised and went off without a hitch. Meeting local runners and spectators was one of the highlights of the trip.

I had such a great time that since returning I have been in contact with Untamed Boarders to discuss looking at future trips to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Marcus – Germany 2019

Visited Syria 2019, Afghanistan 2016, Chechnya and Russia’s Deep South 2015, Mogadishu 2015

I have just returned from my fourth tour with Untamed Borders. 2015 I have travelled to Mogadishu and the Caucasus (Chechnya, South Ossetia), 2016 to Afghanistan (Herat, Kabul, Pandshir) and 2019 to Syria (Damascus and Aleppo). I have been in very different parts of the world with Untamed Borders, but the tours have always the same high standard of quality and have been excellent. The destinations are fascinating and I have always felt to be in good hands. The tours are well prepared and the guides have been outstanding – nice guys and interesting people, attentive and providing a deep insight and understanding of the places visited.

Lucinda – UK 2018/19

Visited Afghanistan & Pakistan

I’ve recently returned from an excellent tour with Kausar. Afghanistan & Pakistan have long been on my travel list but I was warned by many of safety concerns…I needn’t have worried because Kausar & Untamed Borders took safety very seriously and I felt extremely well looked after during all parts of my trip. They thought of everything & I was grateful for the attention to detail – this was especially important as a solo female traveller. There is nothing that isn’t possible when travelling with Kausar & he really does know his stuff (history, best places to eat etc). We spent several days in Kabul, visited the Hindu Kush & went ski touring in Bayman. I then spent some time in Lahore which was architecturally beautiful. The experience was every bit as raw & authentic as I’d hoped for and I’d encourage anyone thinking of considering visiting the region to book immediately! I’ve travelled many corners of the globe & this was a definite stand out. Thank you thank you!

Mel and friends in Afghanistan

Mel – UK 2018

Visited Afghanistan

I had planned to go to Afghanistan for a long time, as it is part of my quest to visit every country in the world (it was no. 189 out of my target of 197), but I had put it off for many years due to security concerns.   Many of my trusted friends had recommended Untamed Borders, and I finally decided to go despite the security situation.  Now, I wish I had gone sooner.  I had an amazing time, and our guide was hands down the best guide I have ever met!  His knowledge of the region was outstanding.  But more fabulous was he knew every person who had the key to interesting things we wouldn’t have seen as normal tourists, and interesting folk to meet down side streets, and the great ice cream shop to hang out in.  I was travelling with my husband, who is a tad less adventurous than I, and an old friend of mine.  None of us felt unsafe at any time, as Kausar and the team had gone to great lengths to keep us low profile and safe.  There was an incident in Kabul when we were there with an attack on the ministry, and we weren’t worried then either as Kausar knew exactly what was going on and where we needed to be.  

Photo by Dan Swan

Dan – Australia 2018

Visited Afghanistan

What can I say? From James’ very first email informing me of this spring adventure, right through to the moment I shook hands and bid farewell to Kausar, this trip will be seared into my mind for many years to come.

I cannot quantify what I’ve seen and learned. Kausar is a passionate man and his love for his country permeated into the conversations in the car and his insight provided me with a true ‘inside feel’ into the different lives of people across the cities we visited.

The photo on the left is one of many beautiful shots Dan took in Afghanistan – the full album can be seen here.

Jacob – Denmark 2018

Visited Mogadishu

I had a really interesting time and got to see a lot of interesting spots.
I had a fantastic and lucky experience as my guides could set up a meeting with local veterinary students at the university (I work as a vet myself). I got to speak to them about my experiences as a vet and give a motivational talk about studies and work.

Mark – USA 2017

Visited Pakistan & Lebanon

I spent a fantastic time with your guides in Pakistan and Lebanon.  They were each outstanding, knowledgeable, personal, on time and professional.  They shared freely and openly of their philosophies and insights while at all times being respectful of other opinions. I appreciated that each of these individuals served not only as my guide, but also as my guard.  While they were respectful of everyone, if anyone started to become at all uncooperative or aggressive, these guides immediately took strong protective measures on my behalf.
Each of the guides listened closely to my interests and included special visits and excursions tailored to my passions even when those experiences bonuses and not part of the set itinerary.  For example, jeeping on some extra extreme roads and watching Kabbadie Wrestling in Pakistan and especially to Mleeta in Lebanon to see the Resistance Memorial and walk through the fighter tunnels and talk to very knowledgeable people.
My only problem is that you have now spoiled me and it will be hard for anyone else to measure up to this experience and these kinds of excellent guides.  I look forward to travelling with Untamed Borders again.

Mark travelled with us to Pakistan and Lebanon.

Dana – Kuwait 2017

Visited Mogadishu

I didn’t realize that it was possible to actually visit and check out Mogadishu until two months ago when I stumbled upon Untamed Borders in an online search for a trip to a different destination. Despite being a last minute and quite spontaneous plan, Matthew promptly responded to my emails and with a lot of back and forth managed to organize a 4 day private trip to Somaliland and Mogadishu. The entire Somali region shared the same need to vividly illustrate the products they sell on their stores which gave both cities a very vibrant and colorful appearance.
The highlight of my two-week African trip was actually getting to visit Mogadishu. You can see, even through the destroyed buildings, how beautiful this place looked with all the Italian architecture everywhere and how much potential the city has when it hopefully becomes safe one day. The team that escorted me, as well as my security detail, were such great sports and showed me a lot more than I thought I’d see, and were a great pleasure to hang out with. I’d highly recommend Untamed Borders to take you where you thought you couldn’t go, any day!

Viktor – France 2016

Visited Pakistan

I must admit that I was somewhat stressed as I boarded the flight to Islamabad. However, just seconds after meeting with the Untamed Borders team my stress completely disappeared as the guides are rock solid and make you feel absolutely safe 24/7. I have, for as long as I can remember, dreamt about going to Pakistan… Untamed Borders managed to exceed all my expectations, not just down to the incredible trip but also the unique experience that they provided. The guides (as well as the pre, during and after support provided by the company) was absolutely amazing and we couldn’t have asked for better!

Jordan Manley – Canada 2016

Visited and filmed in Iran

In 2016 we were approached by filmmaker Jordan Manley to arrange the logistics for a ski film in Iran, which would be the final episode in his extensive film series called “A Skier’s Journey”.  The series, which is produced in association with outdoor clothing company Arc’teryx,  covers a variety of other destinations such as Kashmir, Argentina, Baffin Island and Iceland. You can view the full Iran film below and the other episodes at

Gaynor Zed – UK 2016

“Untamed Borders admin was prompt, helpful and appropriate. I felt you had a proper grasp and good judgement of the situation in the Wakhan. I would have no hesitation in recommending the trip to suitable persons, and would be happy to use your company again for other adventures myself.”

Gaynor travelled with Untamed Borders on a trek to Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor – September 2016.

Tom – USA 2016

“After two weeks, the jet-leg is finally gone, the blisters are gone too, but, my heart is left in Tajikistan and my mind is still filled with blue sky, snowy peaks, blue lakes, yaks, and sheep. It was so nice to have Jan as our guide. Even through the initial e-mail exchange I knew we would have a wonderful guide even before the trek started… we laughed and laughed all the way from the beginning to the end. Thank you all for this!”

Tom travelled with Untamed Borders on the Pamir Mountain Lakes trip in Tajikistan – September 2016.

John – Hungary 2016

“These guys are the real deal! Proper adventures with proper due diligence to make sure you get the most out of every trip. Safety is always the most important factor which always make me feel extremely safe when in potentially dangerous locations. The only guys I trust in this genre.”

John travelled with Untamed Borders on private trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mogadishu and the Danakil Depression – June 2016

Tania – USA 2016

“Everything went on schedule; the vehicle we used was reliable, and while we stopped to help other vehicles stuck in the haboob, our vehicle never had any difficulty. The driver was well-equipped with those ski-like items to slide under the front wheels of a vehicle stuck in sand. When we had a picnic on the road, the food was well-prepared, and clearly, they paid meticulous attention to avoid foods that might cause problems.”

Tania travelled with Untamed Borders on a private trip to Sudan – March 2016

Martine and Henri – France 2016

“The logistics worked perfectly. Travelling on the ice roads is extremely difficult and exhausting, by 4 to 6 gigantic wheel drive vehicles, let alone packed in those incredible wooden sledges-boxes pulled by snow mobiles.

We did enjoy sharing the experience with our guide: a nice reliable guy, smiling and good tempered; and being such an enthusiastic world traveller makes him a great person to talk to: we had a lot in common. He is a “real Russian” too, he knows a lot about the Nenets and he really behaved like a member of our Nenets family.

We can say that our trip has met our expectations, and we’ve taken a lot of photographs. We had two highlights, the family reunion and picnic on the 8th of March and of course the fantastic migration.

It was a rewarding and extraordinary  experience to live with some of the last REAL genuine nomads on earth.”

Martine and Henri travelled with Untamed Borders on a private trip to the Yamal Peninsula in the Russian Arctic – March 2016

Daniel – Mexico 2016

“I had an excellent time in Afghanistan. I am very grateful that Untamed Borders was willing to arrange such a brief and budget-friendly trip on a short-notice.

I can’t possibly think of anything that needs improvement with this trip, and just about everything was perfect. The guide went above and beyond in his efforts to immerse me in the Afghan culture and I was very satisfied with my night-time accommodations. I also had a pleasant experience with the carpet shop I visited and the restaurants Noor chose were a perfect fit for my culinary interests.”

Daniel travelled with Untamed Borders on a private trip to Mazar-e-Sharif – March 2016

Seiwa – Japan 2016

“A big thanks to Untamed Borders, my dream to visit Mogadishu finally came true. It’s been five years since I started thinking about the Somalia trip and they made it happen. I wish I had known the company earlier!

The most memorable part of the tour is Somali hospitality and mingling with the locals. The driver and guides tried to make my trip very enjoyable and worthwhile by showing local people’s house and taking me to a tailor shop to make my Somali clothes. Everything was unique and I believe that I would never have a similar experience in any other country. I felt very safe throughout the trip. It was probably the best trip that I ever been on and I highly recommend the tour. Thank you so much for everything!”

Seiwa travelled with Untamed Borders on a private trip to Mogadishu, Somalia – January 2016

Seiwa wrote a blog on her tour to Mogadishu. It’s in Japanese and the photographs are fantastic. Have a look!

Top things to see in Somalia

Lovely dogs and cats found in Somalia

A visit to Somali local house

Dressing up like a Somali girl in Somalia

Keith – United Kingdom 2015

“I was lucky enough to travel with Untamed Borders to Afghanistan in October 2015. In theory, the main event was taking part in the first Marathon of Afghanistan, and that was certainly a fantastic experience. But beyond that, what will stick in my memory were the opportunities to engage with local people. Whether they were potato-collecting children in the fields around Bamiyan, old shepherds in the countryside, or farmers winnowing grain in remote valleys, they were all incredibly welcoming. And with the help of James and the team from Untamed Borders, it was possible to spend a little time with them and understand a little of what life is really like. Lots of challenges, of course, but also some simple pleasures amid staggeringly beautiful surroundings.”

Keith travelled with Untamed Borders to Afghanistan to run the first international Marathon in the Bamian Valley – October 2015

You can find more of Keith’s photographs on his websites here and here.

Nicole – Germany 2015

“I made it home safely after this incredible trip. After last year’s horse trek I thought the landscape could not be more stunning – but it is. Luqman and Raji took care of me very well, always attentive, in good mood and explaining so much about the history and life in Pakistan. Mr. Jaqoob was a lovely, careful driver and I enjoyed spending time with them very much. Even the weather was on my side, just a little bit of rain and most of the time panoramic views on the mountains.”

Nicole travelled with Untamed Borders on a private trip to Northern Pakistan – September 2015

Matt – USA 2015

“Afghanistan is a fascinating place to visit. The Afghan people are very welcoming, and there are excellent sites to see relating to both recent and ancient history. The trip was very well run, and I had complete confidence in the guides.”

Matt travelled with Untamed Borders on our annual trip Melons and Grapes -Grand Afghan Tour – October 2015

Gert and Arnold – Estonia 2015

“Our 6-day trekking trip to Fann mountains in Tajikistan was amazing. The landscape is magical with the kindest people who welcome you everywhere you go. Our trip was organised very well, from transportation to guides and cook. The trek was challenging with mountain passes over 3500m, and lower down in the local villages we stayed in cozy home stays. We are very happy with the trip!”

Gert and Arnold went trekking in the Fann Mountains in Northern Tajikistan with Untamed Borders – September 2015

Jack -UK 2015

“Pakistan so far has been the highlight of my trip through Central and South Asia. I could not say how the trip could be improved. Kausar, my guide, was very interesting and I enjoyed his company a lot.”

Jack travelled with Untamed Borders on a private trip to Lahore and Islamabad in July 2015

Velichko – Bulgaria 2015

“Great people to trek with. Been looked after like a Maharaja. Definitely recommended.”

Velichko travelled with Untamed Borders on our K2 – Concordia trek in Pakistan in July 2015. The photo is of him with the mountaineering legend Juanito Oriazabal. Our guests often meet some of the world’s greatest alpinists on this trek.

Mark – Australia 2015

“The trip was amazing thanks. It is a facinating region down there and has left me longing to see even more of the area one day. Both guides were amazing, German was great and Abdullah allowed me to see as much as possible.”

Mark O’Neill travelled with Untamed Borders on a private tour of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and North Ossetia in June 2015

Frode – Norway 2015

“What a trip it was! I was met by my guide and the adventure started. They assured me that I’d be fine and we took off. Noor was informative and showed me everything I wanted to see; Balkh, the blue mosque of Mazar e sharif and old, abandoned tanks from the Soviet-Afghan war. To pick up used ammunition, find pottery left behind by the soldiers of Alexander the Great all in one day…wow!

To see the Blue Mosque (Shrine of Hazrat Ali) of Mazar e Sharif with it’s white doves has always been a dream for years, and seeing it really lived up to my expectations.

Thanks for making my day in Afghanistan a great experience.”

Frode travelled with us on a private trip to Afghanistan in April 2015

Ugnius, Gautur & Aron – Iceland 2015

“We would like to thank you and all the crew for the fantastic time in Mogadishu. Both the guides were really very professional and their help was so appreciated. I really can’t think of anything that you could do differently and I would recommend it to anyone that have the interest to do it.
You are doing fantastic job and have a wonderful crew which knows what they are doing.

So once again:

Ugnius, Gautur & Aron travelled with us to Mogadishu in January 2015.

Ingo & Ilse – Germany & Austria 2014

“The trip has been spectacular from the first to the very last day. We definitely saw more than we expected, including all UNESCO sites, two Shia festivals and a Sufi festival in Lahore. Kausar has been a perfect tour guide, meaning that he knew all the history about the places, had plenty of other interesting background stories and always made the right decisions on how to proceed on the road. Finally he also has brought us to Peshawar which we probably never would have seen with any other tour guide. And he found a way of how to finally visit Mohenjo-Daro.”

Ingo & Ilse travelled with us to Pakistan in December 2014.

Bill – UK 2014

“Thanks for all your help in organising our Wakhan trip. It was a great trip and glad to get to visit the Kyrgyz & Wakhi camps.
Moritz was helpful and knowledgable. The horsemen and Ibrohim were great!
Thanks again for all your help”

Bill went on our Trek the Wakhan trip. A 22 day trip into the wilderness of the Wakhan corridor and the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan.

As well as being a guest of Untamed Borders Bill runs a medical aid organisation helping remote mountain communities. See this link for further details.

Moto Discovery trip to Russian Caucasus 2014

In June and July 2014 we guided Skip, Kazim and ten of their motorbiking guests through the Russian Caucasus from the border of Azerbaijan to the Georgian military highway. They passed through Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia and North Ossetia as part of a larger trans-Caucasus trip. This collaboration made it the first ever commercial motorbike touring trip to travel these Russian Republics.

If you are keen to join them on their next motorbike trip through the Caucasus or any of their other pioneering bike trips then check out their website here.

Graham – UK 2014

“I would like to say thanks for the amazing trip you provided to the wonderful Pakistan. Everything about the tour was perfect.  Kausar was a excellent guide who would go out of his way to make sure that I experienced everything I could while in Pakistan. I didn’t just feel like a client but rather that I was travelling with a friend. The Shandur pass turned out to be a highlight of the trip. I remember seeing photos on your Facebook page of the polo festival, so I couldn’t believe that I got to experience it.

The accommodation was clean, very comfortable and in good location. I was really impressed with the hotels in the north of Pakistan.  I will highly recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in travelling to Pakistan. ”

Graham travelled on our Karakorum Valleys trip to Pakistan in June 2014. Photos of that trip can be found here.

Bill – USA 2014

In the Spring of 2014 we welcomed a group led by Bill Altaffer (sometime’s known as the world’s most travelled man). He was continuing his quests to visit all 91 Oblasts and Republics of the Russian Federation. We successfully took him and his group to Abkhazia, Adygea, Karachai-Cherkessia, Karbadino-Balkaria, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan.

Derbent in Dagestan was the 809th UNESCO World Heritage site that Bill had visited.

Mark – Australia 2014

“The whole trip with Kausar was fabulous. It was exceptional. My appreciation, which I tried to be clear about to Kausar and his mighty men before I left, is heartfelt. Simply everything in my contact with Untamed Borders has been exemplary.

Kausar is a gem. Inventive, thoughtful and can-do, and without fuss or condescension. It was not at all difficult to fit in; everything just seemed to roll on. Maybe, it was the duck thing: looks effortless from the outside, but furious paddling going on below. If so, it never showed.

I saw so much and was,  to a degree, part of a panoply of scenes impossible to imagine anywhere else. It would be the least I can do to record some of my joy about the trip,  and how impressive your set up is.”

In April 2014 Untamed Borders arranged guiding for Mark in Bamian, Kabul and Mazar e Sharif in Afghanistan. His rather gushing quote is really what he wrote! Photos from that trip can be seen here.

Amy – Australia 2014

“Everything was perfect, Noor is a wonderful guide and person. Everything was very smooth and went really well. I felt secure at all times and I appreciate how Noor will go above and beyond for his guests.”

Amy visited Bamian, Kabul and Mazar e Sharif in Afghanistan with Untamed Borders.

Newsweek and Storyhunter – 2014

In February 2014 Untamed Borders arranged guiding and logistics for reporters and cameramen from Newsweek and Storyhunter as they covered the 4th annual Afghan Ski Challenge.

Their story and video can be found here.

Erik – USA 2013

“I have to say that the trip to Afghanistan was very special. What made this trip so great was doing a private tour with my guide, Noor. We weren’t rushing into anything and took lots of time to examine all the sites. I’m very into taking lots of pictures and he was very patient and courteous with everything. He’s such a nice guy and I hope the best for him.”

In 2013 Untamed Borders arranged guiding for Erik in Afghanistan.

Naomi – Australia 2013

“The trip was really stella. The itinerary was diverse and we I would’t have been able to get ourselves around by ourselves. We needed Pei and we needed the drivers. The roads were something else. I could not believe how isolated Tawang was. Unbelievable. We learnt a lot about the tribal regions and also about how the NE feels isolated from the rest of India and the political issues that go with it. It was really interesting.

Also Cheerapunji was sensational.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like those living bridges before.  I’ve frequently bragged about going there ever since.

Thanks again to James for all your help planning the trip. It was so easy and flexible.”

Naomi travelled with Untamed Borders to the North East states of India.

Dr. Heimo Liendl – Austria 2013

“Mogadishu – surely not a destination for recreational holidays! But on the other hand our small group of 3 travellers could enjoy the hospitality of (mostly) nice people that were often really interested to get into contact with “normal” foreigners after more than 20 years.

We also did like the delicious cuisine that is a mixture of traditional elements (including fish, goat, camel and chicken) with Italian ones (like spaghetti and pizza). As expected we saw a heavily damaged city of course but there are still some streets where you can feel why this city was once called “the white pearl of the Indian Ocean”, including at least remains of its Italian colonial past (like the ruins of the former cathedral or the old lighthouse). With our heavily armed guards we could even pass the famous Bakara-Market (known from “Black Hawk down”). We enjoyed swimming in an incredibly warm ocean at a very white beach after having had fine seafood and ice cold camel-milk at a beach-restaurant.

This is a very special place and general mood or security are often changing within minutes or metres – but it was an experience I absolutely didn’t want to miss!”

Untamed Borders guided three men from Central Europe to Mogadishu in November 2013

James – UK 2012 and 2013

“I had an excellent time in Pakistan. Kausar is a top draw guide. The drivers and Kausar’s network of friends and contacts were also excellent and a great source of information. I regret not having any more time in Pakistan and I can’t wait to get back out there. I simply couldn’t do this work out there without the guiding and support Untamed Borders has been able to give me.”

James is working on a project documenting food on the grand trunk road.

Check out some of the photos from his 2012 trip here.

Check out photos from his 2013 trip here.

James travelled with Untamed Borders in Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Clint Allen, Mitch Allen and Nick Gregory

In the winter of 2012 Untamed Borders worked with snowboarders Clint Allen, Mitch Allen and Nick Gregory, photographer Vaughan Brookfield, journalist Alex Cameron and film maker Richard James to make WHITE SILK ROAD – SNOWBOARD AFGHANISTAN. It was an amazing experience for them and an inspiring one for us and the people of the Koh e Baba mountains to see these professional boarders fly down mountains, off cliffs and over houses and donkeys.

Check out their website for a glimpse of the trailer and where you can see this ground breaking movie.

Jason – Italy 2012

“A very challenging trip but highly rewarding. Having Kausar as a guide to solve problems was exactly why I decided to go with Untamed Borders and not alone. My best moment in Afghanistan was walking along the ridge of the lapis-blue lakes in Band e Amir with the snow-capped Koh e Baba range in front of me. I’ve never been in such an awesome place in all my travels!”.

Jason travelled with Untamed Borders on a private trip in May 2012 to Kabul, Herat, Panjshir, Mazar e Sharif, Balkh, Bamian and the lakes of Band e Amir. Check out photos from that trip here.

Andy and Nigel, UK 2012

“Another excellent trip with Untamed Borders to the North Caucasus – North Ossetia, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan. Bearing in mind the problems of travelling within that region, they still managed to ensure that we saw everything on our extensive “things to do” list – plus a few extras. Seeing Ramzan Kadyrov (the president of Chechnya) giving a speech in Grozny, drinking Dagestani brandy with display restorers in the basement of Makhachkala Museum, walking through the old Muslim cemetery in Derbent – amazing.

We look forward to travelling with Untamed Borders again in the near future, as in our opinion they go the extra mile to accommodate their client’s (sometimes difficult!) wishes at a fair price, although you’re going to have to work hard to come up with something to top this trip!”

Andy and Nigel asked if we could arrange a trip to their “dream destination” of Grozny. It was the kind of challenge that we like at Untamed Borders and were able to organise a bespoke trip to this beautiful and misunderstood region. Contact us if you fancy doing something similar.

Karen, Australia 2012

“I have nothing but praise for Kausar, Prince and the drivers. They went out of their way to make my trip in Pakistan a memorable one.”

Karen joined Untamed Borders for a private trip to Chitral, the Kalasha valleys, Peshawar and the Greco- Buddhist sites of Northern Pakistan in the Spring of 2012.

Robin, UK 2012

“I had a excellent time in Afghanistan, it was fascinating to see first hand this country that has been constantly in the news for so long and to discover that in many ways it is markedly different from how it is portrayed by the media. The trip was also great fun, not least because James was very attentive to catering to the wishes and interests of his clients. We were in a small group but it felt like a personalised tour.”

Untamed Borders guided Robin in Afghanistan in 2012. He wrote about his experiences in his book SOUK to SOUK.

Alex, Norway 2011

“An unforgetable trip in one of the most amazing countries in Asia. It was great to travel with a professional team who know this gem of a destination so well!”

Alex joined the Untamed Borders Grand Afghan Tour – Melons and Grapes trip that visited Kabul, Bamian, Mazar e Sharif and Herat in September 2011.

Elizabeth and Naomi, Australia 2011

“We would like to thank the crew of Untamed Borders for our amazing trip to Pakistan.

It would not have been possible for us to experience so much in so little time without Kauser and Prince.  We want to thank you for making us feel safe and at home.  Thank you for introducing us to all of your friends.  The people we met were the highlight of the tour.  Thank you for all of the delicious food. Your hospitality and generosity was extraordinary.

A special thanks goes to James for his help organising the trip via email.  The whole process was hassle free and exactly what we wanted. Extra thanks for helping us to organise the paperwork so we were able to obtain our visa in Saudi Arabia.  You are all Super Stars.

We both had an unforgettable time.”

Liz and Naomi joined Untamed Borders for a private trip to Peshawar, Chitral, the Kalasha valleys, Islamabad and Lahore in November 2011.

Daniel, Netherlands 2010

“In Untamed Borders we found a highly skilled, enthusiastic team who completely understood our needs. Their depth of knowledge and patience in answering inumerable questions was key to getting the green light from members of the team that had concerns about whether mountaineering in Afghanistan was safe or even possible.”

Untamed Borders provided logistic support to Daniel and his team of climbers as they travelled to the Wakhan corridor and successfully summitted three unclimbed peaks on the Afghan/Pakistan border.

The expedition was shortlisted for the Alpine climbing expedition of the year by The Royal Dutch Climbing Association and won the Hermn Plugge Irish Coffee Award.

Visit the expedition website for further photos and details.

Check out our Alpine Afghanistan page for trips and ideas for Climbing in Afghanistan.

Justin and Elenora, USA and Italy 2010

“Many thanks for a great trip.  The itinerary covered a stunning variety of sights and activities and despite our many questions about the places we visited, James was able to answer them all, revealing an impressive base of knowledge about the areas covered by Untamed Borders.  The local contacts utilized by Untamed Borders were excellent too and because of them we were able to see and visit a number of places that are not normally accessible.  Oh, and the Untamed Borders crew are a fun group to travel with as well…”

Justin and Elenora joined Untamed Borders for a trip to the North East of India. They visited the Tibetan Buddhist region of Tawang, accompanied Adi tribesmen on a traditional hunting trip to the jungles of Arunachal Pradesh and crossed bridges made from living trees built by Khasi tribespeople a stones throw from the Bangladesh border.

Jimmy Song, USA 2010

“Thank you for hosting an amazing trip to Afghanistan, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Kabul and Bamian especially were amazing to see. I truly enjoyed meeting all your friends in Kabul and getting the chance to share a meal with them and learn about Afghan culture and traditions. I especially want to say thank you for catering to my special dietary allergy needs – you guys really went above and beyond with that!

There were so many emotions experienced on this trip, from amazement and awe of the beautiful mountain sights, to sympathy and compassion for the numerous orphaned kids we encountered who’d lost their fathers to war, to pure delight and gratitude towards your local friends who literally opened their homes (and carpet shops) to us to share a delicious homemade Afghan meal with them. This was truly a rare opportunity and a thoroughly enjoyable one. All the best guys!”

Jimmy visited Afghanistan during the Nau Ruz celebrations as part of a group of students from the London School of Economics.

Gerd Sonnleitner, Austria 2009

“Despite the warnings of travelling to Afghanistan I couldn’t resist visiting as I had travelled to all of the rest of Central Asia. Uncertain of what to expect, I enlisted the help of Kausar Hussain from Untamed Borders. His assistance proved to be indispensible as he knew local people and languages in the areas of interest for tourists. Kausar’s courage, determination and thorough knowledge of the country swiftly gave me confidence and his lessons of political and historical issues made me understand the current situation and passed the time on the long overland trips.

The Central Route from Kabul via Bamian and the Band e Amir lakes onward to the Minaret of Jam is incredibly stunning! I must acknowledge to have visited one of the most beautiful countries ever and will remain my favourite place in the region. Needless to say that with the solid help of Kausar & Untamed Borders I felt always safe and can only recommend their services and adventurous tours.”
Untamed Borders arranged a bespoke trip to Afghanistan for Gerd visiting Kabul, Mazar e Sharif, Balkh, Herat, Bamian and a magical trip to the Minaret of Jam.

 Niall Copeland, Northern Ireland 2008

“I spent 1 week in Afghanistan in July 2008. It’s a fantastic country and one that people do not think of visiting due to the current situation. For peace of mind I asked Hussein to come along with me, and I am very glad he did. Being with someone who knows Afghanistan so well allowed me to relax and enjoy myself, he also showed me some wonderful places. He is an interesting and charming man, who gets on easily with people. I thoroughly recommend his services, but be warned once he starts talking he’s hard to stop!!!”
Niall was guided in Afghanistan by Untamed Borders in 2008.

Mark Williams, UK 2008

“I am not one to ever take tours but crossing the border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan was different and I felt I needed some support. Hussein ensured my crossing of the Khyber Pass was hassle free. The places he showed me in and around Peshawar are something that will live with me for a long time”.

Mark was guided by Untamed Borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2008.

 Egill Bjarnason, journalist for 24 Stundir, Iceland 2007

“Hussain took me on one of the most adventurous trips I ever had in Pakistan. Meeting people from the tribal areas – the last free place on earth. We visited a madrassah school, a brick factory made and run by Afghan refugees and a workshop for Pakistans funky multicoloured trucks.”

Egill was guided by Untamed Borders in Pakistan in 2007.

Simon Maydon, UK 2007

“In Untamed Borders I found people who enabled my friend Alex and I to do something we would not have otherwise done alone.  Hussein showed us around Peshawar, introducing us to their friends and giving us a feel of the frontiers of Pakistan.  Then we crossed over the Khyber Pass, and we were taken through Jalalabad, into Kabul and then up to Mazar-e-Sharif and Balkh. They assisted us in purchasing carpets, made sure we were fed (and clothed in Shalwar Kameez and traditional scarves), and generally kept really good company. I can only recommend Hussain; we felt very safe in his capable hands.”

Simon and Alex were guided by Untamed Borders in Pakistan and Afghanistan during 2007.