Kam, Scat, Jubba, Daallo, Somon, S7, Vim. If these names mean anything to you then you are probably a plane spotter or have a very interesting job. Arranging flights to the countries we visit is sometimes easy and sometimes involves unusual and less well-known airlines. As our guests often fly in from different countries we do not include international flights as part of the costs of our trips. Contact us and we will suggest the best routes and operators for each trip. For the best prices and deals, you can also contact the Untamed Borders dedicated team at Flight Centre.


Exact visa requirements vary for each trip. The visas required are listed on each itinerary. Contact the embassy of that country or us for exact requirements.


Untamed Borders can supply some general information in regards to insurance.  It’s a legal requirement that all of our guests travel with at least basic medical and insurance.