Lying at the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan is the cradle of civilisation for the region. Timur ran his vast empire from here in the 14th century and architecture buffs will be in heaven when confronted by the epic scale of his legacy. The medieval cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are the jewels in the crown of Uzbekistan. Blue tiled mosques, towering minarets and grand palaces leave the visitor awed and humbled. A trip through Uzbekistan is a trip through the land of the silk road passing bactrian camels, lonelyforts and windswept desert landscapes. Uzbekistan is not just a Timurid museum. Modern day Uzbekistan is a balancing act between it’s traditional Islamic past and it’s post soviet future. Atmospheric markets selling prayer mats and Baltika beer, endless cotton fields and the sobering sight of the now nearly dry Aral Sea stand testament to the impact of those years. Yet they are the experiences that make a visit to Uzbekistan so memorable.