From the burning plains of Balochistan to the top of K2, the world’s second highest mountain, Pakistan is the link between the steamy subcontinent and the wild mountains of Central Asia. Four of the great mountain ranges of the world collide in the North and the scenary is matched by an eclectic collection of people and cultures. The North is the area we know best and the area which, we think, holds most interest to visitors. Remains of the ancient buddhist civilization of Gandhara sit side by side with the sights and smells of the chaotic Pashtun capital of Peshawar. Walking on, around or up glaciers in the Karakorum, crossing rope bridges in the Pamirs and meeting isolated animist tribes in the Hindu Kush are just some of the things we pack into trips here every summer. Access to these areas has been made easier since the building of the remarkable Karakorum Highway 20 years ago but it is still an unexplored and overlooked destination for anyone wanting to have some real adventure. However, the incredible scenery takes second place in Pakistan to some of the most hospitable and generous people in the world.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Untamed Borders map of Pakistan