Afghanistan has been a crossroads of civilizations for millenniums. From Darius the Great to Alexander the Great, Marco Polo to George Bush, they have all been here and left their mark. It has been and still is a place of world interest whether it is from politicians or tourists. It is a place of legendary hospitality to guests and legendary hostility to invaders. Any trip here is an adventure. Sights like the remains of the giant Buddhas of Bamian, the unreal blue of the lakes at Band e Amir or the first sight of the almost unreachable Minaret of Jam are incredible but most peoples lasting memories of Afghanistan will be something on a more human scale. Kite flying kids, drinking tea with ex-mujahedin or walking with catapult wielding Hazara children. A trip to Afghanistan offers the opportunity to see a country that has been off the tourist map for 30 years, to visit a place that is starkly beautiful and to interact with people and places that you probably best know from news reports. Whether your interest in Afghanistan is its ancient history or its modern history we think the experience you get from seeing such a striking and hospitable country recovering after such a long time will stay with you for a long time. Of course, as well as offering some incredible experiences for the intrepid traveller, Afghanistan has some equally unique risks and dangers. Please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information or contact us to find out what we do to ensure you have a memorable time for all the right reasons.

Untamed Borders map of Afghanistan