Adventure Travel Show – Ski talks & discount tickets.

We will again be exhibiting at the Adventure Travel Show in Olympia on 17th & 18th January 2015. It is a great event with some interesting exhibitors and a really excellent line up of speakers. They including Sir Ranulph Fiennes in the main auditorium on the Saturday. Somewhere further down the line up at 12.45 on Sunday 18th January is James from Untamed Borders talking about The Afghan Ski Challenge.

The show is not free however we do have a limited number of complimentary tickets. Just get in touch to get one. Otherwise you can save £6 off the price of a ticket by buying in advance and quoting “UNTAMED”.

See you there.

Horn of Africa trip - April 2018

Ethiopia trips with Untamed Borders

We guided our first trips to Ethiopia this year. Photos from these trips can be found here and from a further reconnaissance trip here

Ethiopia is home to a truly diverse landscape and peoples. The otherworldly volcanic landscape of the inhospitable Danakil Depression, the lush peaks of the Simien Mountains and the bleak deserts bordering Somalia are populated by a range of ethnic groups. Christian, Muslim and Pagan rituals and practices blur providing Ethiopia with unique cuisines and cultures. Have a look at our Ethiopia page for some further ideas or send us an e-mail to discuss trips to the region.

With Untamed Borders also running trips to Somaliland and Somalia you can let us arrange a multi-country trip to the horn of Africa.

Afghan trips from this summer plus trekking with Untamed Borders in 2015

In September we ran two very different fixed date itineraries to Afghanistan. The first was our annual cultural trip to Mazar e Sharif, Kabul, Bamian and Herat. As well as visiting some of the highlights of Afghanistan we spent time over long lunchs and cups of tea discussing the geo-political situation of the country. There were a few morning walks in and around Bamian but generally it was a fairly non strenuous trip (photos are here).  The other was a 22 day horse riding expedition into one of the most remote areas of Afghanistan – the Afghan Pamir. Snow storms and impromptu Yak riding days were all part and parcel of this step into the wild (photos here).

If the Afghan Wakhan trek looks good then consider joining us for our 2015 version or the epic Biafo-Hispar trek in Pakistan’s Karakorum mountains (see snaps from previous trips)



Ski Afghanistan – Untamed Borders guests get photos and article in Guardian Travel

An interview with Afghan Ski guide Ali Shah made it’s way into both Sidetracked Magazine and the Guardian Newspaper Travel section. As well as being a great insight into Ali Shah’s thoughts and experiences we were very happy to have guided the Simon Urwin and James Robertson who did the interview and took the photos. 

Check out the link here for the full article.



Afghanistan trips in July and some summer reading.

July is the hottest month in Afghanistan and this year in coincided with the Islamic holy month of Ramadan when all people in Afghanistan fast for daylight hours. Usually we would recommend that people travel at another time but for some reason we had four private trips in July. The daytime can be tough in the heat with the guides fasting and the guests not being able to eat or drink in public. However it is an interesting time to travel and the invites for Iftar (the evening meal that breaks the fast) come thick and fast. Photos of two of the trips can be found here and here.

If you are off on a trip this summer and are stuck for something to read then think about our mate Shannon Galpin’s new book Mountain to Mountain. The recently appointed coach for the Afghan ladies cycling team tells her story about introducing and promoting female cycling in Afghanistan. See link.



Pakistan and Mogadishu trips – June 2014

In June we ran two trips to Pakistan. One of the Pakistan trips coincided with the Shandur Polo festival. Held at a mountain pass at 3800 metres in altitude the festival pits polo teams from the two rival valleys of Gilgit and Chitral. The skill of the players is amazing but the whole atmosphere of the three day event is what makes it special. A desolate plateau high in the Hindu Kush mountains is turned into a temporary village with music, food stall and dancing between the games.  Photos from that trip can be found here.

We also ran a private trip to Mogadishu in June. Photos can be found here.



Afghanistan trips – April/May 2014

In April and May we ran a number of trips to Afghanistan.

We guided one photographer from the UK during the elections. He had a wide ranging photographic brief and got snaps of people from all walks of life plus shots of the people of Afghanistan on the day of the Afghan Presidential elections. Photos of that trip can be found here.

We guided 3 other trips in April and May. One new development was the new night lights at the shrine of Hazrat Ali in Mazar e Sharif. Photos can be found here.

Video of the shrine of Hazrat Ali can be found here.