Pakistan and Mogadishu trips – June 2014

In June we ran two trips to Pakistan. One of the Pakistan trips coincided with the Shandur Polo festival. Held at a mountain pass at 3800 metres in altitude the festival pits polo teams from the two rival valleys of Gilgit and Chitral. The skill of the players is amazing but the whole atmosphere of the three day event is what makes it special. A desolate plateau high in the Hindu Kush mountains is turned into a temporary village with music, food stall and dancing between the games.  Photos from that trip can be found here.

We also ran a private trip to Mogadishu in June. Photos can be found here.



Afghanistan trips – April/May 2014

In April and May we ran a number of trips to Afghanistan.

We guided one photographer from the UK during the elections. He had a wide ranging photographic brief and got snaps of people from all walks of life plus shots of the people of Afghanistan on the day of the Afghan Presidential elections. Photos of that trip can be found here.

We guided 3 other trips in April and May. One new development was the new night lights at the shrine of Hazrat Ali in Mazar e Sharif. Photos can be found here.

Video of the shrine of Hazrat Ali can be found here.

Afghan media trips – February 2014

In February we guided two media trips to Afghanistan covering contrasting stories.

First we had Paula, Saboor and David from Newsweek and Storyhunter covering the story of the Afghan Ski challenge. As well as being very talented at their respective professions they were great fun to hang out with.
Their report and video can be found here.

In contrast to that story we guided a German photographer covering the lives of internally displaced people in the refugee camps of Kabul.
Her photos can be found here.

Afghan Ski trips – February and March 2014

In February and March we guided two ski trips to Bamian in Afghanistan. The weather was awesome with plenty of fresh powder and some perfect bluebird days. Our guests got to ski with some of the local kids on their home made skis. Many of our guests got to compete at the 4th annual Afghan Ski Challenge.

Check out our photos from the trips here.

As always, our guests are outnumbered by members of the press. Two of our guests were interviewed by the New York times and James from Untamed Borders was interviewed by the Thai newspaper the Nation.

Drop us an e-mail if you are keen to join us in 2015.

Peshawar in January 2014

In January, Kausar guided a guest in and around his home town of Peshawar.

There was a slightly Greek theme to the trip. They visited Hund, the point where Alexander the Great crossed the Indus…as well as using more modern means to cross the great river. They also visited Takht e Bhai and Taxila. Two of the best examples of the Ghandaran Greco-Buddhist civilisation that ruled the region 1500 years ago.

See link for photos.