Film: Adventure Not War

Earlier this year we guided a group of US veterans in Iraq who completed a successful first ski descent of Iraq’s highest peak, Mt. Halgurd. A full length film is currently in post-production by the team. However a short version was recently released and produced by Max Lowe Media and The North Face. Check it out below!

Untamed Borders Job Vacancy

Ever thought about making adventure travel a full-time job?

We are currently looking for a full-time member of staff to join our small team. If you or someone you know is passionate about finding your own amazing travel experiences and will work hard to give others the same kind of buzz you get when you travel, then send us an email and we will reply with further information.

The closing date is end of June 2017.


Successful First Descent of Iraq’s Highest Peak

Last month we guided a group of US veterans in Iraq who completed a successful first ski descent of Iraq’s highest peak, Mt. Halgurd. A documentary film is currently in post-production by the team. If you’re interested to find out more about their trip and the upcoming film then check out their Facebook page. In the meantime a few taster shots are below which are taken by Jan Bakker, our main guide for the trip. You can view an album of his images from the trip on our Facebook page here.




First Afghan winter olympians

Film – Afghan Ski Guides Ali Shah and Sajjad

Ali Shah and Sajjad, two local ski guides from rural Afghanistan, are hoping to become their country’s first Olympic skiers. Recently Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle (DW), produced a 12-minute short film covering their training at Switzerland’s upscale St. Moritz resort. Can they make their dreams come true? We certainly think so!

Republic of Tuva 2017 – Photographs


Earlier this month we released details of two new trips we are running to the Republic of Tuva in Southern Siberia (Journey Across Tuva and Western Tuva: Add On). Our Trekking and Expeditions Manager, Matt Traver, spent three months in the area back in 2015 and took a wide range of photographs covering all corners of Tuva. If you’re interested to see his album to get an idea of the locations we’ll be visiting on the trips then click here.


Marathon of Afghanistan 2016

The second edition of the Marathon of Afghanistan was a huge success! Being the country’s only mixed gender sporting event it’s a positive step forward for the women in Afghanistan, plus a great opportunity for cultural exchange.

The top three men and women in the 10km event were all from Afghanistan and the winner of the main marathon was Hussein Faizi from Afghanistan who finished in 3 hours 58 minutes. Followed closely behind was Charlie Lewis from the UK who came in at 4 hours and 14 minutes. If you’d like to read a story about Charlie, who is also an amputee, then you can do so by clicking here.

The Marathon also saw Zainab attending again this year. Last year she was the only Afghan female to take part in the marathon and this year she’s continued leading the way as a role model for her country. If you’re interested to hear more about Zainab then please have a read of the Guardian’s article (and check out their short video piece too).

Lastly, the Marathon also raised US$6125 this year. It’s still possible to make donations by clicking here.

Exclusive: One Space Available for Trek to K2 Chinese Side

We have one space available for a private trip to the Chinese side of K2 between 20th September – 9th October 2017. This trek will take you deep in to the heart of the Chinese Karakorum to visit an isolated corner of this iconic range. Beginning in Kashgar we will journey 550km south for two days by 4×4. Along the way we’ll pass by ancient Uiyghur tombs and bustling bazaars to reach the 4000m high settlement of Ilik. From here we’ll venture off-road by foot and by camel for five days through alpine territory home to the world’s highest mountains to reach Sughet Jangal; the primary base camp for all major expeditions in to K2 – the second tallest mountain on earth. It’s from here you’ll have an opportunity to further explore the valleys and vast glaciers of the surrounding mountains over a few days and after two weeks in the wilds of Xinjiang return back to Ilik and onwards to Kashgar.

If you’re interested to find out more then please contact us.

Film Release: Iran – A Skier’s Journey

Earlier this year we were approached by filmmaker Jordan Manley to arrange the logistics for a ski film in Iran, which would be the final episode in his extensive film series called “A Skier’s Journey”.  The series, which is produced in association with outdoor clothing company Arc’teryx,  covers a variety of other destinations such as Kashmir, Argentina, Baffin Island and Iceland. You can view the full Iran film below and the other episodes at

World Nomad Games 2016

September 3rd – 8th 2016 sees the annual World Nomad Games taking place on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul. If nomads were to have their own version of the Olympics, this would be it! There’s 2000 participants from 40 countries competing in 23 separate disciplines ranging from archery, horse racing, Central Asian style wrestling, hunting with golden eagles on horseback and much more. Check out for more information.