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Untamed Borders offers bespoke trips and small group tours to some of the most interesting regions of Central and South Asia. We specialise in trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, former Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus but also arrange bespoke trips to other off the beaten track destinations. Untamed Borders uses specialist local guides to allow access to some of Asia’s harder to reach places in a search for authentic and original experiences. What we offer is something that sounds a bit cliched or old fashioned, we offer some adventure. Either join us one one of our small group itineraries shown on the website or contact us to arrange a bespoke adventure.

Our upcoming itineraries

60 Grozny Mosque

Chechnya, Dagestan and Russia's deep south

Dates : 21st - 27th April 2014
Cost : £1600
The Caucasus is a place of great natural beauty with fascinating cultures set in the shadow of the mountains that mark the border between Europe and Asia. This trip offers a view into a region that remains almost unexplored by western visitors. We will visit four of Russia's least visited republics to get an insight in to life in Russia's restless underbelly. Starting in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia's fading yet elegant capital, we'll travel to Beslan and the sobering memorials to the Beslan school massacre before passing through Ingushetia to Chechnya. There we will have time to see how the world's most destroyed city has been rebuilt into a gleaming capital complete with visible personality cult to the new Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. A truer insight into traditional Chechen life will be found in nearby Itum Kale where some of the regions best preserved traditional watch towers still are found. From there we'll pass through Dagestan staying in Makhachkala before heading down to the UNESCO world heritage town of Derbent. Derbent means “closed gate” in Persian and the town boasts the world's only surviving Sassanid fortress which used to be part of a 40km stretch of wall that kept the Persian empire safe from the barbarians to the north. A truly ground breaking trip into a much misunderstood region.

Karakorum Valleys - Pakistan 2014

Dates : 15th - 28th June 2014
Cost : £1400
A trip into the awe-inspiring Karakorum mountains of Northern Pakistan. The Karakorum mountains contain a kaleidoscope of people as well as some of the earth's most incredible scenery. We'll begin by taking a flight from Islamabad to Skardu in Baltistan. There we will visit some of the most beautiful valleys in Shigar and Khaplu before crossing the high altitude Deosai Plains by jeep. After being awed by the 4000 kilometre high Rupal face of Nanga Parbat we will head north to the semimythical Hunza valley. There we will cross to Attabad lake, explore the rope bridges of Passu and learn about life in the high mountains of Pakistan. Finally we'll skip take one of life's great road trips, the Karakorum Highway, back to Islamabad.

To the throne room of the mountain gods - Pakistan trekking

4th - 27th July 2014
This trek to K2 base camp and Concordia in northern Pakistan includes walking the entire length of the 62km Baltoro glacier leading into the most glaciated high mountain terrain on the planet. Seven of the world's 25 highest peaks rise above the glacier. You'll pass monumental rock walls on the lower such as the Trango towers and the cathedrals. The Baltoro glacier ends at Concordia – a place where four glaciers collide under the shadow of the real giants of rock. Truly the throne room of the mountain gods. The trek to Concordia is a once in a lifetime experience and is glacier trekking at it's best. A chance to reach the base camps of three of the world's 8000 metre peaks. Gashumbrum, Broad Peak and the world's second highest peak – K2.
Auf dem Weg zum Mingalig Sar Highcamp - Bombenwetter

A walk on the wild side – Shimshal Pamir (23 Days trekking in Pakistan)

Dates: 2nd - 24th August 2014
A walk on the wild side in the Shimshal Pamir - one of the least visited mountain regions of Asia. A hidden gem that has preserved it's cultural identity. The lush high pasture that encompass both the northern and southern side of the Karakorum range are home to Wakhi sheep and yak herders, always keen to welcome in trekkers with a bowl of yogurt. The literal high point of the trip is to summit peak of Mingalig Sar - one of the easiest-to-climb 6000 metre peaks in northern Pakistan. However, the trek allows you to cross the Shimshal Pass and experience life in the summer with Shimshali herders. Just reaching Shimshal is an adventure. A ride along the Karakoram Highway, which since 2010, is interrupted by a boat ride on the ice blue Attabad Lake and of course the fabled Hunza velley, which you can explore extensively before journeying back to Islamabad.

Trekking the Wakhan (22 days in Afghanistan)

Dates: 1st - 22nd September 2014
Join us on a 22-day odyssey to meet and live with one of the world's last and least visited nomadic cultures: The Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir. We will begin and end in Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe travelling along the dramatic Pamir highway before crossing over into Afghanistan, passing through the Wakhan Corridor into the Afghan Pamir. From here we will carry on by foot to explore Chaqmaqtin Lake and the surrounding area. We will have the opportunity to meet Kyrgyz nomads who graze their livestock here during the summer months as well as seeing ancient tombs and Buddhist engravings which live as a reminder of this once great section of the silk route.

Afghanistan Horse Trek - Riding the Wakhan

Dates: 18th August - 8th September 2014
In the summer of 2014 we will be heading out to one of world's most remote corners. A 22-day odyssey to meet and live with one of the world's last and least visited nomadic cultures: The Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir. We will begin and end in Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe travelling along the dramatic Pamir highway before crossing over into Afghanistan, passing through the Wakhan Corridor into the Afghan Pamir. From here we will meet our horses. What better way to explore Chaqmaqtin Lake and the surrounding area than on horse back.

Melon & Grapes - Grand Afghan Tour

Dates: 13th - 27th September 2014
Each Autumn we run a trip to Afghanistan and we think it is the perfect time to visit. Summer can be blisteringly hot and winter icy cold. Spring has its charms, but for us it has to be Autumn because of the fruit. How a land that appears to be made entirely of bare rock can produce melons as large as beach balls and grapes bursting with juice is one of life’s great mysteries. This trip shows the best of Afghanistan at the best time with as much fresh fruit thrown in as you can eat.

Silk Road Cities 2014 - Uzbekistan

Dates : 18th - 30th October 2014
Uzbekistan epitomises the silk road. Empty desert highways and isolated oasis cities that stand as a reminder of the days of Timur, when half of Asia was ruled from Central Asia. On this trip, we visit three of the best preserved cities on the silk road as well as getting a feeling for what life is like in post-soviet Central Asia. We begin in Central Asia's largest city, Tashkent before flying to Nukus in Uzbekistan's far west. There we will witness the sobering sight of the remains of the Aral Sea as well as visiting the Savitsky museum, one of the most remarkable modern art collections in the world. We then will follow the route that camel trains used to take through the deserts and steppe to the medieval city of Khiva and on to the narrow streets and blue tiled Timurid architecture of Bukhara before reaching Samarkand and standing in awe at the Registan, one of the world's most most beautiful squares. Our guides will ensure that you are fully informed on the ancient as well as modern history of the heart of Central Asia.

The edge of India (16 days in north east India)

Dates : 1st - 16th November 2014
This trip allows you to experience some of the traditional ways of life of the peoples of the tribal states of north east India. We start this trip in Meghalaya where we will hike down from Cherrapunjee, the wettest place on earth, to the lush jungles on the border of Bangladesh. There we will witness the incredible living bridges of the Khasi people. Then we will take a road trip through the jungles of Arunachal Pradesh and up into the peaks of the Himalays and the Tawang Valley. We visit the largest Tibetan Buddhist complex outsdie of Lhasa and experience life in a remote Buddhist convent. To really get a feel of tribal life we will stay at a small Adi village and join some Adi friends of ours on a traditional trip into the jungle. We will see first hand how the jungle is the builder centre and larder for the villagers with rope, poison, baskets, food, entertainment and lodging all available if you just know where and how to look. Finally, we’ll cross the mighty Brahmaputra by ferry before staying a night in a colonial era tea plantation.

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